CleanAir® is a global provider of technical products and services for sustainability and resource management. We specialize in emissions reduction, energy management, common sense, and a lot more.

At CleanAir®, our aim is to support the growth, profit, and sustainability goals of our clients by delivering innovative solutions with 10x value.

We gain a deep understanding of our client's needs and business objectives first and foremost by gaining and leveraging our technical knowledge, innovative thinking, and vast equipment resources. From air quality management and emissions measurement, to thermal performance and efficiency determination, CleanAir® delivers the results.

Our core strengths include:

Consulting – With CleanAir® Engineering’s emissions measurement knowledge, process expertise, and experience with regulatory programs, our engineers and consultants are an industry advocate to help clients solve regulatory issues.

Manufacturing – We make the world’s most reliable air emissions and thermal performance measurement equipment. CleanAir® Express equipment is designed by field engineers who actually use it.

Rental - CleanAir® Instrument Rental has the largest inventory of gas measurement equipment in the industry. An extensive array of manufacturers and models allows you to choose the right equipment for your application.

Stack, Ambient and Fugitive Emissions Measurement - CleanAir® Engineering is an innovative leader applying state-of-the-art technology that goes beyond EPA Reference Methods to solve your measurement challenges, including stack regulatory compliance, APC equipment optimization, fence-line monitoring, and flare performance assessments.

Thermal Performance – The CleanAir® Performance Group provides the accurate and dependable data you need to make critical operational and efficiency decisions for a wide range of combustion and heat rejection equipment.

Analytical - Specializing in the analytical needs of the stack testing industry, CleanAir® Analytical understands today’s sampling challenges and has the quality systems in place to provide accurate results.

We welcome you to explore CleanAir® to discover opportunities for your business to get a 1000% return on your investment.