CleanAir Engineering's Partnerships

Clean Air Engineering works closely with a number of other companies and organizations in order to provide a comprehensive range of services. These companies and a brief description of their services are provided below.

cmc_logoSage provides a broad range of specialty environmental services for facilities that need to maximize operational flexibility and stay within EPA regulations.

We understand that compliance is often complex and expensive. But working with the right partner can turn even the most challenging job into a manageable project. And that is a beautiful thing.

EMRC logoIMACC designs and develops FTIR ( Fourier Transform Infrared ) Gas Monitoring Equipment for detecting chemical compounds in Industrial Environments. The IMACC Software Suite is a state of the art FTIR control and monitoring package. FTIR control software package is designed to be configurable, modular and extendable. The IMACC Software Suite comes packaged with each system.

MAAMEL-logoThe National Laboratory Company LTD. (MAAMEL) is a limited liability company under the corporate laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is specialized in the area of investment in sophisticated laboratory analytical services. Maamel represents a family of companies such as ALS Arabia which is a joint venture with ALS Laboratories of Australia providing high quality analytical services and Arensco, a wholly owned subsidy, providing ambient air and industrial hygiene monitoring.

EMRC logoEEMC/EMRC is an experienced, well-equipped analytical and engineering test firm staffed with professional people who know their jobs. In the 1970's the company initiated air quality measurement activities as a response to the increasing demands of new energy production facilities in the West. Originally headquartered in Billings, Montana. In 1981, EMRC was founded after the startup of a gas monitoring electronics firm. In 1983, EEMC located an office and laboratory in Tucson, Arizona. In 1984, a gas flow monitor production facility was established at the Billings site.

Consol Energy logoConsol Energy is the largest producer of high-Btu bituminous coal in the United States. CONSOL Energy has 15 bituminous coal mining complexes in six states. In addition, the company is a majority shareholder in one of the largest U.S. producers of coalbed methane, CNX Gas Corporation.
Headquartered near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Consol Energy has a world class laboratory in South Park, PA for the analysis of mercury samples from coal fired boilers.

Consol Energy has partnered with SKC and Clean Air Engineering to form The MET Team to provide electric utilities with the best solution for measuring mercury emissions from coal fired boilers.

 Ohio Lumex logo OHIO LUMEX can supply a mercury sorbent traps for almost any emission or process application including research, Method 30B, low mass emitters, acid gas scrubbers, cement manufacture, mercury speciation and long term sampling. The Ohio Lumex Appendix K Sorbent Trap Mercury Analyzer is convenent for field on-site or laboratory "Direct" testing of carbon tubes for Sorbent Trap Monitoring of Hg emissions from coal-fired power plants.

OPSIS logoOPSIS AB is a global company that develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art, innovative systems for gas analysis and process control. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective systems, regardless of applications. Systems are available for ambient air quality monitoring (AQM) and continuous emissions monitoring (CEM)/process control. Several hundred systems are installed worldwide.

REI logoReaction Engineering International (REI) is a growing R&D consulting firm with an internationally recognized expertise in combustion and environmental solutions. We offer Consulting Services and Products to clients in the energy and environmental sectors, including state and federal government agencies, private and public utilities, major industries, manufacturers and vendors.

Formed in 1990 on the premise that a company composed of full-time professionals working with technically specialized university faculty could most easily apply cutting edge technology to industrial problems, REI’s reputation for providing high quality service and solutions to tough problems has attracted significant business opportunities in four areas: Utility Boilers & APCD, Petrochemical Furnaces, Industrial Furnaces, Incinerators, Rotary Kilns, Smelters and Stokers.

cmc_logoCMC Solutions provides state-of-the-art predictive emissions monitoring system components that are open, flexible, and uniquely adapted to meet EPA compliance reporting requirements and the needs of the enterprise. Their products are specifically designed to empower operations staff to accurately predict process and emissions parameters utilizing standard database and networking components. CMC Solutions provides a patented (pending) statistical hybrid data engine within a framework that integrates existing plant resources (CEMS, PCs, servers, cabling, and controls) with innovative custom application software developed for a standard operating system and database.

Together with onsite field data collection and support, quality assurance and other specialized training programs, CMC Solutions' application software unlocks the process monitoring and control elements of legacy systems to liberate data for use in custom reports, optimization, and efficiency analysis.

SKC logoSKC is a world leader in sampling technologies quality air sampling products for the industrial hygiene, safety, occupational health, environmental, and indoor air quality professional.
Headquartered near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, SKC is widely recognized as a world leader in sorbant trap technology.

SKC has partnered with Consol Energy and Clean Air Engineering to form The MET Team to provide electric utilities with the best solution for measuring mercury emissions from coal fired boilers.

Air Liquide logoAir Liquide America Specialty Gases supplies high-purity gases and gas mixtures for industrial, scientific, environmental and petrochemical applications, and is part of the Air Liquide Group, the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment.

Headquartered near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ALASG is widely recognized as a premiere supplier of gases used for air quality monitoring and has a history of partnering with agencies such as EPA and NIST to help develop various gaseous standards and protocol documentation. Clean Air Engineering is proud to provide Air Liquide to our calibration gas customers.

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