Services Overview

Our complete service offering is designed to deliver the value utilities, manufacturers, power generators and plant operators need to meet their financial goals. From engineered testing to complicated process optimizations -- CleanAir helps your business deliver the results.

The CleanAir Service Teams

  • Laboratory Services:
    Clean Air Laboratory Services is here to help. We specialize in the stack testing industry, so we understand the type of samples you deal with everyday. With our decades of experience we can help you understand the data we give you, and with our stringent quality programs you can rely on our data.
  • Consulting:
    With CleanAir´s emissions measurement knowledge, engineering expertise, and experience with EPA regulatory processes, CleanAir has become an industry advocate to help clients having regulatory issues with EPA agencies – whether local, state, and/or regional. As a result, they have helped in lessening the impact of regulations on both the client and the environment.
  • Mercury Team:
    Whether you need to purchase a mercury CEMS, looking for a sorbent trap or analytical supplier, or want operational support and training, CleanAir’s Advanced Instrument Team is dedicated to help you successfully meet your monitoring challenges.
  • Performance Group:
    Let CleanAir help enhance your view of the possible solutions. Our unique combination of expertise, coupled with our extensive test instrumentation and calibration infrastructure, can help you make the right decisions to achieve your goals and add value to your generating assets.
  • Stack Testing:
    Clean Air Engineering has been an innovative leader in stack emissions testing since 1972. When looking for emissions measurement solutions that go beyond the EPA Reference Method approach, our engineers and scientists will design the right program for you.
  • Flare Testing

CleanAir Equipment with Service Teams