Ion Chromatograhpy

Quality Assured.

What makes CleanAir Analytical unique is that during more than 40 years of analyzing air samples we have created many way to provide additional value for our customers!
Clean Air Engineering Laboratory Services, unlike many commercaial labs understands complex air sample matrices which add to analytical complexity.
  • We routinely change configurations on our instrumentation to ensure that all samples are analyzed properly regardless of the sample matrix.
  • Many laboratories only analyze 10% of samples in duplicate, we perform duplicate analysis on ALL samples, standards, and blanks.
  • We verify peak retention-time and peak identification by performing a matrix spike on a minimum of ten percent of all samples.
  • We prepare all our standards at our facilities with ACS certified chemicals. A traceable certificate of analysis for each chemical is available upon request.
  • Our analysts are routinely tested using a third party audit system to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • We examine each chromatogram to ensure integration is correct and consistent; the changes made are recorded and available for review.
  • We make separate standards from the same stock solution as the calibration points to ensure consistent preparation of calibration points.
  • We use a standard made from a separately prepared stock solution to test the accuracy of the curve and the quality of the reagents used to make it.
  • We do full pre and post test calibrations for each project and then use the averaged to help negate instrument drift. This can be especially important on large projects.

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