CleanAir Pollution Reduction Engineering Process

CleanAir uses a structured approach to reduce pollution such as:

  • Identify the Problem Root Causes.  CleanAir uses the TapRoot® process for this activity.

  • Identify the relative cost vs. benefits of each viable option. CleanAir AIM is a 10X Value for everything we do.

  • Design the test plan to get reliable actionable data.

  • We use software to create a Test Plan using the Design of Experiment approach to maximize the engineered test data value.

  • It is important to not let the test method drive the test plan. Select the best method and instruments using the fit for purpose approach.

  • Select the best options to investigate.

  • Determine what in-house expertise is qualified and available to devote the necessary time to the project.

CleanAir has more that 60 degreed engineers and chemists that can help with all phases of an Air Pollution Reduction Program. CleanAir can draw support from many World Class Organizations with which we have agreements.

The best way to start is to request a CleanAir presentation to your team on our capabilities and approach to Pollution Reduction.

We use cutting edge tool to analyse data and make the data jump out of the graphs as Minard did in 1869 with this 6 variable graph.

Minard Napoleon's Russia Campaign