Power Consumption

Power Consumption


CleanAir routinely conducts power consumption measurements during performance guarantee test programs. CleanAir power meters require the measurement of voltage and current for calculation of power consumption. The voltage is always measured directly by finding an exposed portion of the circuit and connecting to it with a wire or alligator clip. This is a parallel type connection which can be made while the circuit is energized (<600 volts).

The current can be measured directly or measured using a clamp-on current device which is in turn wired into the power meter. When measuring the current directly, the circuit must be wired in series. This requires that the circuit be de-energized unless there is a plant test switch or shorting block already installed which would allow the power meter to be installed while the circuit is energized.

A variety of power meters are available depending upon accuracy requirements and installation or operational constraints.

The Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) Nexus 1250 or 252 is used primarily for highest accuracy. This device can store data or may be remotely polled by CleanAir Data Acquisition Systems. The installation of the Nexus power meter requires it to be directly wired into the electrical circuit. The Nexus power meter can measure voltages up to 240 volts and currents up to 5 amps. Voltages above 240 volts require the use of station Potential Transformers (PTs) to reduce the voltage to a measurable level.

Currents above 5 amps also require the use of station Current Transformers (CTs) to reduce the current below 5 amps. This is fairly common for all types of power meters. It is preferable if the power to the measurement location can be de-energized during power meter installation. However the power meter can be installed on an energized system with a plant test switch or current shorting block. Accuracy: ±0.08 % of reading.

The Hioki 3169 is used for applications which can be de-energized or when it is preferable to not break into the current circuit. This device stores data which may easily be downloaded in csv format. This meter uses clamps to measure the circuit current. This meter measures up to 600 volts and currents between the range of 0.5 amps to 5,000 amps. Accuracy: ±0.2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s. + clamp-on sensor accuracy CleanAir power meters are also commonly used for gross power output and auxiliary load measurements. Call CleanAir today to discuss your testing needs, time table and budget.