Boiler Efficiency Testing

CleanAir can conduct testing to document the thermal efficiency of utility and industrial boilers utilizing industry accepted testing protocols such as ASME Performance Test Code 4.0 or American Petroleum Institute API-560.  For retrofits such as the installation of low NOx burners, we provide independent baseline and post-retrofit NOx and boiler performance tests to ensure compliance with guarantee conditions.  

To maintain compliance and reduced unit operating costs we offer burner and fuel system tuning to achieve the lowest NOx emissions from your existing equipment, while maintaining acceptable flame characteristics, unburned carbon in ash, carbon monoxide and boiler performance.  

When conducting diagnostic or boiler performance testing, CleanAir utilizes a multi-probe gaseous sampling matrix at the economizer outlet or air heater outlets.   With knowledge of the boiler duct cross sectional area, a sampling grid is established that provides a representative sample.   Measurements are made of the combustion products (O2, CO2, CO, NO, SO2) in the flue gas stream.

With knowledge of the distribution of O2, CO and NO in the convective back pass, the field performance engineer can make discrete adjustments to burner damper settings, burner tilt control, excess air control bias, or mill bias control in order to optimize the combustion characteristics of the boiler.

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